NextMatch - AI-Based Predictive Text

  • Developed an AI tool that predicts the next relevant word in chat applications.
  • Utilized natural language processing, language modelling, and deep learning techniques.
  • Implemented features like text tokenization, word frequency analysis, and a confidence score system.
  • Designed a user interface for seamless interaction and integrated API for broader application use.
  • Aimed to enhance communication by reducing language barriers, saving time, and preventing spelling mistakes.

  • Technology Used: Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Python

Tax Filing Expert System - AI-Based Tool for Simplifying Tax Returns

  • Developed an automated rule-based system to streamline Canadian tax filing.
  • Simplified complex tax computations using CRA guidelines for accuracy.
  • Designed an intuitive user interface for easy data entry and navigation.
  • Integrated a knowledge base of tax regulations ensuring up-to-date computations.
  • Validated system outputs against expert-prepared returns for reliability.

  • Technology Used: HTML, Flask, Python, CRA Tax Regulations

Appointment Scheduling Chatbot

  • Developed a chatbot for real-time 24/7 appointment scheduling in healthcare and professional services.
  • Utilized natural language processing to understand user requests and machine learning to optimize appointments.
  • Designed to enhance user satisfaction, reduce administrative workload, and improve operational efficiency.
  • Integrated advanced features for seamless user interaction and instant booking confirmation.
  • Aimed at creating a more organized and customer-friendly reception system.

  • Technology Used: Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning

Using Bitcoin Data To Create A Profitable Algorithmic Trading Strategy

  • Conducted exploratory data analysis using Python libraries such as Pandas, Numpy, and Matplotlib.
  • Implemented an LSTM-based model to predict Bitcoin price movements.
  • Developed a trading strategy to optimize buy/sell decisions for profitability.
  • Focused on short-term price predictions to inform trading actions.
  • Aimed to capitalize on cryptocurrency market trends for financial gain.
  • Technology Used: Python, LSTM, Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib

Analysis Of Customer Personality

  • Analysed customer data to understand their personalities and behaviours.
  • Developed strategies for personalized product offerings and customer retention.
  • Identified key customer segments to target marketing efforts, reducing costs.
  • Provided insights on purchasing patterns and transaction motivations.
  • Aimed to enhance customer satisfaction by tailoring products to their needs.

  • Technology Used: Power BI, Data Analysis

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